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Let’s talk about Breastfeeding Fetish’s

Breastfeeding has long been a controversial topic, especially when it comes to the act of breastfeeding outside of its intended function. But lately, there’s been an increase in breastfeeding fetish, which includes everything from lactation porn to men that are turned on by breastfeeding women. This is not only since most women are more comfortable with their bodies and are less are ashamed than ever before, but this is due to increased sexual openness and awareness in general.

When it comes to fetishes, theirs is no such thing as normal. While many of us are at least somewhat familiar with common fetishes (think leather, latex and role-playing), even if you don’t actually participate in them, you would of heard of a few there are likely dozens or hundreds of fetishes you have never heard of before.

Now lets talk more about the Fetish around breastfeeding

One such fetish involves breastfeeding—not directly, but as a tool for sexual gratification. Yes, actual breast milk is consumed in some cases, but that's not always necessary; sometimes just watching someone nurse can be erotic enough on its own. The act has reportedly taken on an almost spiritual quality for some people who enjoy it—but that doesn't mean it's actually good for you.

When breastfeeding is used as foreplay, it can become dangerous. While some may think of breastfeeding as a sexual act as weird and not normal it’s becoming a fetish for many individuals in various ways but it is vital to remember that breast milk for adults came lead to serous health issues if consumed in high volume.

What exactly is Lactation Fetish?

Lactation fetishism, also known as lactophilia, is often accompanied by other fetishes. It is very common to see males with lactation fetishes combined with breast or nipple fetishes. A lot of women who have lactation fetishes will get aroused by their partner sucking on their breasts, just like any normal woman might be aroused by foreplay involving oral sex. Many people have who produce milk feed their partner as part of BDSM role-playing or other sexual activities. This can be done by medications to produce milk or the classic way of having a baby and keeping the milk following as durations of milk flow can continue for a long time. In fact, there are many bondage toys that can be used in conjunction with a lactation fantasy to give it an even more dominating feeling for someone who enjoys BDSM activities and power play.

Why are people into lactation fetish?

To put it bluntly, lactation can feel really good to some, as spanking feels good to some, to being whipped to the point of bruising and blood is good to them. Everyone is different in what they are into and some may not discuss it but its never your place to judge what a fetish of someone is into (unless its illegal then that’s an entire conversation on its own). however, The sexual stimulation produced by stimulating or milking a lactating breast is caused by oxytocin, which has various effects on human behavior and physiology. Oxytocin causes uterine contractions during labor, for example, and also makes both men and women more affectionate—even toward people they don’t like very much. Why do some people get off on that kind of stimulation? As with most kinks (and fetishes in general), there isn’t one conclusive answer as to why some people enjoy it.

Fetishizing lactation and breastfeeding is really just another way to enjoy kink. One theory is that it's because women become more dominant in relationships when they're pregnant and after childbirth, which can be attractive to some men. But for others, there's something inherently sexual about feeding someone with your body. Not all are wanting to participate in the acts, some men might just be turned on to lactation-focused porn sites as an alternative method of release and its more about watching than participation.


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