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Describe What an Orgasm Feels Like to Them

Describe What an Orgasm Feels Like to Them

Pleasure, to climax, to come and to cum, just to explode in the most excruciating sensations, Right?

Men and women want to enjoy their sexual life, but how is this for them?

We usually give it for granted, men can climax most of the time, but is this truth? Is it as good as we imagine?

Let’s talk a little about male orgasms. According to several investigations and some testimonies male orgasm is physically caused by the penis stimulation. Then the testicles and the testicles’ skin go up and get close to the penis. The penis head is filled with blood and fluids. Finally the semen comes out in the ejaculation. But is that all? Apparently physically, it is. Usually for men is easier to climax. Their orgasms tend to be pretty intense, but shorter than female orgasm. Beside its duration, after ejaculation it is not common for men to have multiple orgasms.

Leaving aside how their body works, pleasure in orgasms is pretty good for men according to their description. They can please themselves masturbating but during intercourse it is better. The hormones released have higher concentrations. Even it is described as an awesome sensation; it apparently is pretty short and seems to be focused on their genital area. They say it is great to have an orgasm and after a good one, their bodies tend to be really relaxed.

What makes to get an orgasm a challenging situation is that men usually have to face with the pressure of getting and maintaining an erection, having a good sexual performance and the task of pleasing their couple and almost guarantee an orgasm to their partner.

Going back to male orgasm and how they feel with it, there are some investigations that say that, when men delay ejaculation, can have longer periods or pleasure before climax and even with practice they may have multiple orgasms, but this theory requires more investigation.

So far what can be improved with practice is how long it takes to reach the not return point. The no return point is the moment in which ejaculation in inevitable. Some experts indicate this can be avoided using breathing techniques. Like breathe, hold and release spending 5 seconds on each stage. Some other guys stop this moment focusing their attention on something none related to sex, but the effectiveness depend on each one’s concentration levels.

Going on with this topic, it is important to know that foreplay may also help men, when they get sexual arousal and are able to keep it before penetration, this makes sexual tension to increase, and that excitement may help you to get better orgasms.

Some people don’t know man also have a G spot. But as a consequence of its location (about 5 centimeters inside the anus) many tend to avoid it. This is a very personal choice, but there are some men that can assure that with this spot stimulation they can come more intensely than ever. Some explain that this stimulates the prostate and this joined stimulus creates a bigger and better climax.

Words may not be enough to describe male orgasm, but what really matters is how much it can be enjoyed and what can be done to improve it every time.

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