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Sex recipe for your first date

Sex recipe for your first date.

Sex on the first date, is it a do’s or a don’ts ? The indisputable fact is, that it is a controversial subject for men and women, the decision to have this encounter so ephemerally depends on the culture, religion and family education. Sex is a delightful experience that should be enjoyed, so to live it with someone totally new in the first date, will help you decide keeping dating with that person or not.

That is why when you are defining the keys to make that first night of sex rewarding, it is crucial to ask yourself the following questions: (being honest with yourself about the answers) what do I want? What are my expectations? Will I regret it afterwards? What do I want from this other person? Do I want a stable partner or sex without commitment?

If you have answered all these questions and you are convinced you still want to do it, the following article will show you a successful sex recipe to be the best in bed, with what you should and should not do, to have a satisfactory sexual encounter on the first date and enjoy it without remorse:

1. Avoid delays when you arrive on your first date, to be punctual is a value that shows courtesy and respect for others. You do not want to create negative associations in the brain of your date from the first moment.

2. Take care of your hygiene, keep good manners, and maintain a pleasant scent, these little details will cause his/her brain to make pleasant and positive associations when it comes to you.

3. Your look plays an important role in your first date, but avoid neglecting the intellectual area and talk about topics of interest with the other. This will strengthen and enrich the connection between the two.

4. Think positive and fill up yourself with the best self esteem thoughts, the first seconds of contact with the person are crucial, so do not boycott internally with messages of insecurity or fear. Transmits positive energies and be full of confidence.

5. As a girl always bring sexy lingerie with you for your first date,(Be ready). As a boy remember, you must use your best underwear.

6. Leave anxiety behind, and give yourself the opportunity to get to know each other a little more. Keep that attraction he/she has for you, be a challenge for him/her.

7. Read the signs, there are indirect proposals that will allow you to know he/she wants to continue with you after the date. This will let you know you both want to continue the evening.

8. Start slowly, a sensual movement, a touch on your hands or closer to his/her sexiest parts can help you establish the first contacts that will activate the mental and unconscious alarm of wanting to start sexual encounter with your date.

9. Where to go? The place for the sexual encounter will be decided based on your habits. Many people prefer to take their date to a known place, for example their house, because they feel more secure doing it in their environment. Or you can choose to share a totally different space, in case you decide to run away in the early hours of the morning.

10. Create an atmosphere where the light of the candles go with the beat of the music. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere will make both things, the perfect allies for casual sex on your first date.

11. Respect the decisions and preferences of the other, mutual consent will not only show that you are an emotionally mature person but also enjoy the experience in a sincere, open and healthy way.

12. Make clear the rules of the game, do not do anything you do not want, if you do not feel safe or do not like something. Communicate it to him/her clearly!

13. Good attitude, leave at home all the personal insecurities you have. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your body and leave the complexes behind.

14. Have fun; there is nothing sexier and attractive than showing yourself without prejudice over your body. Acting naturally will make you enjoy the moment.

15. Take responsibility for your pleasure, express your preferences and concentrate on satisfying them.

16. Take care of yourself. Protect yourself and practice safe sex, use condoms to avoid contracting any type of sexually transmitted disease or having an unwanted pregnancy.

17. Avoid behaving or being someone you are not, always be yourself.

18. Do not boast or lie about things you would never do.

19. Be honest 100% turns out to be counterproductive and unnecessary, before issuing any comment ask yourself if the moment warrants it.

20. Avoid bragging about your qualities and material things; do not confuse the ego with self-esteem.

21. Focus on yourself, when you are focused just in pleasing your partner that may stop you from pleasing yourself. Think on you; remember that you can not give others, what you can not give to yourself.

22. Not reaching the orgasm in the first sexual encounter with a totally new person is more common than we think. In many cases the nerves, the demands, and the own expectations stop us from climax. Do not think that orgasm is a measuring instrument, so the best advice is not to think too much about it, just have fun.

23. Be honest with yourself, if you are expecting more than one night of sex, make it clear to avoid confusion and misunderstandings in the future.

So, ordering sex with the dessert? is up to you, just remember to have fun!

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