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Anal Foreplay Tips for Beginners

Anal Foreplay Tips for Beginners

Interested in experiencing anal sex? Exploring the different ways in which you can have sex is one of the great pleasures that a healthy couple should appreciate. In this opportunity we present you this list of previous games that will help you prepare, and get this desired sexual pleasure.

It should be clear that anal sex is not an activity of immediate access and enjoyment, so it should never be forced. We assure you that if you take each of these tips for first-timers in anal sex you will not have any kind of problem.

1. Familiarize yourself

It is good that both know the anatomy of the situation: after the anus, there follows the sphincter muscles. These muscles control the exit of the fecal matter. They are located before the channel that directs to the rectum. It is full of soft tissues that can expand themselves when the penis enters. This “entrance” allows you to reach the G-spot in women and the prostate in men, both key points to climax. The deal is this area is so closed because of the sphincter muscles, if not properly stimulated; it can cause more pain than pleasure.

2. Hot messages.

In a few hours prior to the meeting, you can send messages where the furor and passion are shown without being very explicit; a surprise or an unexpected nude with a new underwear will prepare their brains, opening the way to the need caused by the imagination.

3. Red hot kisses and touching.

Warming is an essential advice in any sexual experience, whether it is anal or vaginal penetration, caressing at key points and soft kisses are essential to prepare the ground; this combination is part of a perfect formula that will preliminarily fill the mind of pleasure.

4. Vaginal orgasm.

A good vaginal orgasm allows relaxing the body in general; hormones such as Oxytocin, serotonin and adrenaline will make anal sex much more pleasant and less forced when done with previous vaginal sex.

5. Shower together.

We must be aware that this area is for the control of the expulsion of fecal matter, so it is necessary that the experience is as pleasant as possible for both, we recommend you give them a good shower together before allowing yourself to touch the area of ​​the orifice. Activate the possibility of penetration.

6. Massage in the buttocks.

Walking with your fingers full of hot oil all over the body will help to relax the receiver, preventing tense muscles especially the buttocks.

7. Lubrication.

Should be applied as much as possible, in the market there are a lot of water-based lubricants with anesthetic that will reduce pain and not inhibit pleasure, so you should choose a good quality lubricant.

8. Hygiene.

Linked to the previous point, the best option is to buy products such as anal showers or edemas, allowing internally cleaning the area properly.

Take the time to evacuate before the encounter so that the tract is clean and reduce any contamination of bacteria such as Escherichia coli.

Do this wash at least four hours in advance and remember that these products are for personal use and should not be shared. Take care of your diet by eating light foods to avoid the accumulation of feces.

Experts advise to perform this cleaning once a month to avoid any damage to the mucous produced naturally by the intestine.

The issue of care is not only about the tract, the couple must also cut their nails if they will use their fingers to avoid injuries, that may alter the anal mucosa; an alternative is the use of latex gloves this is more hygienic and preventive.

9. Erotic toys.

The most advisable for beginners in anal sex is to acquire an anal plug or dilator, its objective is to allow the passive patient to gradually experience the dilation of the anus with slow and smooth movements, the plug must penetrate till the base; keeping it inside for a few minutes while they have vaginal sex, so as not to drive out the passion. You can remove the anal plug slowly and you will notice how the sphincter muscles will be more expanded and dilated, which will facilitate anal penetration and will be much more pleasant.

It is advisable to avoid hard sex and use dildos of unusual sizes during the first sessions, on the contrary a slow rhythm and the use of specialized toys is the most physically and mentally healthy for the couple.

10. Protection.

The use of the female condom in these cases has a fundamental role; its use is basically done by removing the ring that is inside the condom and placing the latex in the penis of your partner, this condom will allow you to enjoy an excellent sexual experience since you protect and massage all the interior of the anus of the passive at the same time. Remember that anal sex, even though it protects you from pregnancy, does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

11. Positions.

One of the most important points is to decide the position you will adopt; the doggy style position allows the sphincter muscles to be horizontally aligned which facilitates penetration, the woman above either seeing her from front or back to the partner is also a highly recommended position, since she takes the control and the rate of penetration as desired or tolerated

12. Communication this point is key, the only way to know if it works or not is to be totally honest through friendly communication with the couple about what you like or dislike, tuning in both is essential to avoid any unnecessary pain or misunderstanding.

At first you must to stimulate the area softly, until it opens enough. You can stimulate the clitoris or the penis of the passive while penetrating; the use of lubricant is a must. You should not deny yourselves this experience but is has to be done calmly, if you want to pleasure your partner instead of causing pain. Key words: go slowly and go from small to big, introducing, fingers, small toys, and medium toys until you can finally introduce the penis softly, is the right path to go.

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