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WOMEN Fake it !!

Why fake it? When you can make it happen

Even this may happen to men, we are not saying it can`t happen it is very uncommon. This situation is more related to women. So my dearest friends are your orgasms real?

To overcome this situation one of the things you may need is to be focused on enjoying the moment. There are some aspects that can affect you when you are with your partner mainly if you start thinking on things that are different from the ones you should be experiencing during this deeply personal moment.

So let's talk about some of the most common issues that might be stopping you from climax:

First: some girls are extremely worried about their physical shape. I know both men and women really enjoy looking as best as possible. I know also that when they are in their best physical condition, their confidence increases a lot! Please remember that even our bodies are the most involved element during intercourse their appearance should not only be the only thing that matters when it comes to pleasure.

As we are human beings, we are not supposed to expect perfection! we are all unique and different you must accept yourself and the way you were created. When you learn to leave behind the worries about the biggest of or the smallest imperfections of your body you are free to fully enjoy the time your share with your partner or just enjoy any encounter you have. Please take you away from your mind any idea related to your body shape when you're having sex.

Second: learn to know your body. Most people really want to feel pleasure but they don't know how to please themselves. I know you may not believe this anecdote but it is the experience lived by a girl I knew some time ago. She wants about 27 years old and she didn't know how to masturbate and please herself. She had never experienced an orgasm with a partner or by herself. She said she was like waiting for that special partner, the one that could give her that highly desired climax but even thou she shared with different partners; she was not able to experience an orgasm with any of them.

Even it took her a long time, she learned she had to discover her own body to be able to climax. She started by learning how to please herself. Once she was in this process, she discovered her clitoris was the key to experience her orgasms. Then she found out this spot was quite useful when she was with a partner too, because this simultaneous stimulation from the penis in penetration and the clitoris touch, when she was having sex helped her to increase her orgasm amounts from cero to almost 100 percent of the time. But how did this start? It started form knowing herself.

Third: Leave all your worries behind. As well as you spend time and program your schedule to work, to exercise, or go to the movies, if you have difficulties reaching an orgasm during improvised encounters you can start talking to your partner and proposing him to share a special date where you can spend some time alone and both focused on having a special time together. This can be set for a Saturday or Friday night or a moment in which you both think you can be alone, in a quiet environment and especially a calm one where anything may interrupt. In this particular moment is up to you to keep your mind clear, and take away all the thoughts that may interrupt the concentration you need to reach an orgasm.

When I talk about a special time and place doesn't mean you have to go to a specific place, it might be in your own place. What you need is to remember to take away distractions turn of the volume of your phone, turn off the TV, lock the door and get ready to enjoy together without interruptions.

You can also include a special especially clothing if you feel more comfortable and sexy with it. It will also be a good visual stimulus to your partner, I can assure you that besides making you feel sexier, it will turn him on! as boys usually enjoy the show.

Another recommendation may be to include special toys, lubricants or whatever you have to discover what helps you to climax when you are alone. Even some people may be a shame about it; if you trust your partner you shouldn't be embarrassed. Having this said anything that helps you, and help both of you to enjoy sex MUST be included.

I know some women avoid talking about some of these issues with their partners because they feel embarrassed, ashamed and they don't want them to feel bad about themselves or their performances. In case you may feel it is worse to openly talk to your partner and say “I have never felt an orgasm”, start working on yourself and suggest in the best way possible to include some toys, show him how you please yourself, or say you would like to try a new position you learn in a magazine or in our online. You are the one that knows your partner, and as you know him, you are the one that will know how to say and propose what you want to try.

If you think these conversations may be hard to hold, remember it will always be harder to your partner to this cover that you have been faking of your orgasms, when you were with him and it is not matter to being selfish but it is quite hard for you to spend your entire life without experiencing a satisfying orgasm.

Talking about it, working on it and working on the things you know are affecting you, are the best options to be taken. Having a good sexual life it is not only matter of physical pleasure, it is part of the whole state of well-being you want to experience and it is something every woman and her partner deserve.

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