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One Night stands - the intimate one night stand

One Night stands - the intimate one night stand

This phrase refers to an occasional sexual encounter that can be a single one with no strings attached or turn into a relationship.

But how does this starts. How can this affect you? Are you ready to live this experience with no remorse next morning? Keep reading and figure it out.

Every sexual encounter usually leaves a memory recorded on us, these memories can either be good or bad depending on what happened and what you were expecting from it.

When you are looking for pleasure with no commitment these kind of encounters are good for you, just try to make sure the person that takes this road to pleasure with you is aware of that. Why is this so important? To avoid further complications, creating false expectations and disappointments.

Please keep in mind even there are some couples that may have met and started a relationship in a party and with a night that was supposed to be a one night adventure, this is not the most common scenery.

When people goes out to a bar, a club or a fast date they are usually looking for pleasure instead of love, please be aware of it before exposing your heart to anyone.

This, one night pleasure has grown so fast that there are special websites where you can find people with the same interests: sharing a passionate night without further encounters. These kind of websites allow people to experience this intimate experience without creating additional bonds.

What happens when passion overcomes in an unplanned scenario? Please keep in mind a couple of things. You need to practice safe sex, no matter how passionate you may feel, (no matter if it sounds repeated) safety comes first.

Enjoy the experience. No one knows what the future will bring. Live the moment leaving aside what the morning will carry. These intimate encounters should bring you pleasure not guilt or worries. Here is why safe sex is so important, you don’t want to affect your future by an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

Take the next day as it comes. For some is worse to wake up alone and for some others is worse to have an estranger next to them in the morning. No matter what is the case take it as best as possible, was it a good night? Feel great about it. Wasn't that good? Be thankful it is over and still take this new day with the greatest smile.

Should you expect any contact after a casual encounter? Remember if it was a date planned to be casual and as a single one, you should not expect any further contact, unless you both agree to it but it doesn't commonly happen. If this was the result of a party night, there are no warranties, even you both may extremely like and start from there, it can also happen that you are not in the same frequency and feel or be on different stages.

If you want to live a real one night stand, you have to be sure you don't provide any personal information. If you do so the other person may try to reach you and change your plans.

This kind of practice may allow you to experience and get to know what you like. Sometimes people is simply looking for the release, a media to end up with stress and have fun, if you are planning a night like this take it like that, during these kind of encounters with it is possible to find new people, hope you take it the best way, but it is like a buffet, there are all kind of delicious dishes you can try on. I know men and women are not food if you don’t like the contrast, it is like a gallery where you can admire and have for one night all kind of art, modern, classic, abstract, you can try one night without having to keep it long term in your home.

All you can experience will help you learn and discover things from others and from yourself e

and you can even learn a couple of new tricks from that night partner.

Even you may never get tired of it, one day you may want to find a real partner and establish a real, committed relationship, when that point comes, remember a one night stand may not be the best situation to look for, but who knows?

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