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Fellatio is the practice of using the mouth, tongue, teeth and everything in between to stimulate the penis, in other words give oral sex to a man.

This practice is very appreciated by the partner as it involves submission and it shows the huge desire from one partner to please the other. When it is done, one of the most important and exiting things is not just the fact of performing acrobatic sucking, licking and stroking keep in mind than for your guy the most pleasant thing is to know you are enjoying it too.

What aspects should be considered? I think there are four main aspects to consider when performing fellatio to your guy.

  1. Know the area where you are “working” on. You may think the penis is just the stick hanging from a man`s body but it is more than that. It is extremely sensitive and there are parts which are more sensitive than others. There is the root, the penis’ body and the glans or the tip. The tip is the most sensitive part so keep that in mind when pleasing that zone of your partner. Even they are not part of the penis; you can include during fellatio a slight teasing with the testicles, and also in the area between the testicles and the anus without touching this last one. Even the anus is a very sensitive point for men and women this area is not commonly explored by most men as they have been taught it is not proper to include it in heterosexual practices. It doesn’t mean this is right or wrong it just means you must do what makes your partner comfortable and aroused.

  2. Keep the penis lubricated. As this stimulation may be started with the hands, a good lubricant is a good idea, and if it is flavored will be better. When you use your hands to please your partner the lubricant will make a huge difference. If lubricant is not available or the main goal is to get into action with your mouth use its natural moisture to make your movements go smoother.

  3. Sucking, licking, pulling or biting, what is the best? It depends on your partner preferences why? Our body receives and reads each stimulus in a different way. What may work for one may not work for other. How to notice what is the right technique? Read your partner’s body language, is he more exited? is he moaning? Is his breathing heavier? Is his penis getting harder every time? Keep going. In case you cannot notice any of this reactions, don’t get frustrated, keep trying, make adjustments on pressure, speed or in the part you are using. This means are you using more your lips? Or your tongue? Alternate them. Take advantage of all kinds of tricks. Temperature changes, using hot or cold air. Grab some ice and put it on your mouth. No matter what, you can use all your imagination and know techniques to take it to the best.

  4. Give him a good view! Any position that allows him to see all this great scenery will be the most enjoyable for him. Remember men are visual and allowing him to see you taking in his entire male member will take him to climax. Keep eye contact. Don’t you feel comfortable with it? Make contact at least for short periods. Going back to position you can kneel in front of him, place something in the floor to avoid hurting your knees. Sit him in a chair and please him with all your lust. Lay him in bed and go on top to start sucking him. Allow him to go on top of you and with a leg each side, let him control the situation, in this position you won’t only offer your mouth you will also offer your breast for him to play with them. As the objective is for him to see and enjoy don’t let your hair to come in the way, grab your hair in a tail, or in a hair braid, whatever makes you comfortable and allows you to keep your hair from interfering the view.

Having this in mind you can investigate some specific techniques, using your tongue and mouth but these are the basics.

Now when it comes to men, please remember that as much as your partner may want to please you, having your sexy parts clean is a must. This area is known to be very hot and sometimes sweaty, which may cause it to have a not pleasant scent. Be nice to your partner and prepare yourself for action, being neat, maybe cutting or removing some of the hair of the area. Do for your partner what you would like your partner to do for you.

All experiences are allowed in bed so just remember to make it the most pleasant for both. Fellatio is a good way to show your partner how much you want him and desire to please him.

Enjoy yourself and the moment.

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