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Every aspect of sex and weigh the pros and cons.

For years, good physical and mental health have been associated with the symbolism of having an awesome sex life. On the Internet you can find thousands of articles that describe how sex deteriorates over time due to many factors and one of them is weight. Is this a myth or a reality? This depends on many external and internal factors that are determined by each one of us.

In the moment the person gains a few extra pounds, he/she can notice it when putting on their favorite underwear, or if they are more agitated than usual when walking. This health issue is something that should never be taken lightly. Overweight brings consequences that are reflected under the bed sheets. One of these consequences is the reduction in the production of testosterone in men, due to the accumulation of fat. That accumulation happens in the arteries and affects blood circulation; this also produces erectile dysfunction and causes a decreasing libido. When overweight is notable, it can also cause the hidden penis syndrome, this means the men receives the impression of seeing a smallest virile member, as a consequence of the bulging abdomen.

Women also suffer from problems to reach orgasm as a result of overweight; this may cause psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety for low sexual performance. In many cases a low self-esteem and lack of confidence for not feeling satisfied with their bodies may affect their sexual encounters.

But ... Do not be discouraged! Because even the consequences are known, there is another side of the coin! Practicing sex regularly has huge benefits too; remember that balance is everything. Sex can really make you healthier if you improve your eating habits and keep a balanced diet. Guess what? Need to practice additional physical activities? You can put at first place, sexual intercourse.

The benefits of having sex regardless of weight are extremely good, because in addition to providing a discharge of pleasure in our body, it stimulates and produces hormones that will take you in the right direction in the improvement of health, and the overall appearance of the body.

In the psychological field, sex produces the famous hormone of love, known scientifically as Oxytocin, which influences the creation of deeper feelings towards other person decreasing the chances of developing depression, stress and social phobia that usually emerge when a person has a few extra pounds.

Ask your partner to ejaculate inside you! In 2002, the American psychologist Gordon Galup conducted a study with about 250 women, where he concluded that those women, who their partner ejaculated inside of them, were happier and less prone to depression. With respect to those who do use a condom, this was attributed to the semen as this contains prostaglandin. This should not be practiced if you are not with a regular partner and if you haven’t taken the correspondent medical exams. It is important also to take preventive measures to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease.

People who are overweight are more likely to suffer from different deficits at the immunological level, but if they have sex once or twice a week it regularly increases the generation of immunoglobulin that helps and strengthens the fighting infections system.

According to the American Journal of Cardiology, people who are overweight are 16% likely to have a heart attack compared to participants who enjoyed a normal weight, so maintaining a good sex frequency can reduced by 50% of the risk of suffering it. Intercourse is an activity that represents an excellent training to maintain the vitality of the heart.

Loving oneself and enjoying our body is fundamental for a healthy and full life, there is a large percentage of men and women who do not have satisfactory sexual encounters because of the psychological complexes, mostly unfounded by the stereotypes that today's advertising sells. Nowadays, the lack of accepting themselves creates a mental shield that prevents them from fully enjoying sexuality. If you are part of this population and you feel dissatisfied with your body, the important thing is to take conscience without mistreating yourself. Make a plan of action with a professional in the area of ​​sexology; remember that patience is a transcendental element in these areas. In some cases, enjoy the process and take the opportunity to highlight your qualities and attributes. Overcome possible bad thoughts and feelings, enjoying yourself and your partner must not be affected by how you think you look, be happy and practice frequent sex, it is really good for you, your mind and in general your health.

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