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The Ultimate sex experience bucket list

Each and every individual will have a different bucket list, specific sexy things they would love to try before they die. Some people may not even have a bucket list and others may have already tried almost everything that appeals to them. For those of us that would still like to experiment a bit and may not have done it all, here are a few things that might make your bucket list as well as mine :

  1. Kiss a girl or a boy or both depending on your usual preference. Try something a little different, you may enjoy it.

  2. Experience anal – whether giving or receiving, it may be more enjoyable than you think. Remember to keep it clean and use plenty lubrication.

  3. Have a threesome – This could be any mix that you like, whether all 3 are the same gender, 2 male, 1 female or 2 females and one male, there are many ways to make this work and it can be fun if everyone is fully consenting with no ulterior motives.

  4. Group sex : From a 3 some to an orgy, group sex can be participated in from various standpoints. Go with the flow or a particular scene played out. Make sure you have enough time to really enjoy the experience.

  5. Phone sex : Whether sexting via message to get things hot to a full blown conversation with all the sweet nothings and passionate moans and groans, if you haven't yet, this is something easy and fun to try.

  6. Masturbate : Not everyone has actually tried self love. There is no better way to enjoy your own body, learn what gets you going and know how to reach a climax than through experimenting on your own body. It takes a few uninterrupted hours or even a nice long shower to get to know yourself better.

  7. Sex toys : Sex toys can be tons of fun, use them on yourself, use them on someone else or have someone use them on you. Don't be afraid to start out with something small, you might have a suitcase full of toys before long.

  8. Bondage : Tie up your partner or have them tie you up. No need for whips and chains unless that is something that really gets your juices flowing, ties or stockings tied just tight enough to restrain without cutting off circulation can be enough to add that touch of spice to an encounter with someone you trust.

  9. Public sex : This one could get you in trouble if you get caught, so don't get caught. Public restrooms, movie theaters, the beach, back seats of cars are all great places to try out some fun in public, just keep the noise levels down and be considerate of others. They might not want to see your dangly bits and even worse, may call the authorities.

  10. Voyeurism : Watch live sex, perhaps at an orgy or a club or join a dogging club where you can meet up with exhibitionists who want to be watched.

  11. Mile-high club: This may a little more difficult unless you are in first class or fly long haul flights often but it is still possible with some maneuvering and being very sneaky. Try to keep it to times when other passengers may be asleep so that you aren't interrupted by someone needing the loo.

  12. One night stand : This can be a bit risky, so if you have this one on your bucket list, make sure you are well protected against STDs etc.

  13. Married sex : Having sex with someone you are married to may not seem like such a big deal, but it is something quite different to single sex and best enjoyed with someone you love and plan to be with for a long time.

  14. Water sex : This can be on a boat, in the ocean, in a lake, in the bath or shower or even the pool. Water sex is fun due to the movement of the water, the feeling or being lighter and often the different temperature of the water against your bodies. This one might actually need lube though in some cases as the water can wash away your natural juices.

  15. Spankings and floggings: From play spanking to hot red marks on the butt, to light flogging on the back and buttocks to slightly heavier play, you can learn about giving and receiving and see which one you enjoy, or maybe none at all. Just make sure you keep it safe and consensual.

  16. Read erotica or write it: This is a great way to make you all hot and heavy before a fun masturbation session or anything else that may come to mind. Even if you are not much of a reader, this type of writing may get your imagination racing.

  17. Watch porn with or without a partner : There is plenty of it out there, much of it free. Make sure you have a good anti-virus and pick your favorite. Just don't let it become an obsession,

  18. Role play : Ever wanted to be the sexy fireman or even batman? Chat to your partner about getting costumes and being someone else for the night.

  19. Playing with food : Feed each other strawberries, coat each other in body chocolate or whipped cream, use ice as an erotic accessory. Don't be afraid to lick it all off, those calories don't count.

  20. Generation gap : Keep it legal! Having sex with someone a lot older or a lot younger can teach you a lot, just as you probably have a few tips to impart.

  21. Games : Try out fun games such as spin the bottle, strip poker, strip Uno, truth or dare and other fun or silly games.

  22. Quickies : A lunchtime snack with a partner or some shower sex before you head to work can be an awesome way to make your day that little bit more enjoyable.

  23. Karma Sutra : While you might not want to try all the positions and may not be quite bendy enough for some of them, why not work your way through a few that you can attempt and you might find yourself appreciating positions other than missionary style.

  24. Sex in the dark : Not just bedroom light off dark, but pitch dark, where you can't even see your own hand in front of your face. Enjoy feeling your way around.

  25. Foreign sex : Having sex in a different country or even someone else's house can be very stimulating and erotic. If you are single, maybe you might even want to try sex with a foreigner? Might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

There are many, many more items that can be added to this bucket list, but perhaps my ideas will give you some of your own. Life is short, so while some of your bucket list may stay just a fantasy, try out some of the ones that can be fulfilled. You won't know if you like it, until you try it, twice or thrice if you really need to be sure. Have fun and play safe!

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