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What is Frottage?

By Electra Lashes

To some, frottage seems like the only sex worth having. Also known as dry humping, or “3rd base” for those who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s it’s often considered one of the safe forms of sex because no penetration occurs. However, that doesn’t mean it’s without its risks, or that it isn’t exciting in its own right! Let me tell you that there is more to this than you think and not just memorable moments when we were teenagers.

Introduction to Frottage?

If you’re not quite sure what frottage is, then you must be a newbie. Like it or not, frottage—simply put—is sex without penetration. Some might even call it dry humping. It may sound unfulfilling to some, but for others, it can be incredibly stimulating and enjoyable. However, as we like to say at 'G Spot Vibrators', don’t knock it ‘til you try it! But if you want to make sure that your first time trying out frottage goes well... look no further! to help get you started on your journey of discovery and pleasure and to start off with great foreplay with potential for leading into more.

Unlike sex, which usually involves penetrating, frottage generally features two people rubbing against each other in a naked state. While penetration of any kind isn’t typical of frottage, some forms may involve oral sex and mutual masturbation. Unlike more widely practiced forms of sex, many of which have been around for centuries, frottage has only gained popularity within mainstream culture over recent decades. To be clear: It’s not that something new has been invented—it’s just that taboo practices that were once commonly known among sexual subcultures are now gaining recognition among non-participants.

5 Tips to get started with Frottage

If you want to start with frottage but are worried that it might not be for you, remember that having fun doesn’t need to be complicated. Not all sex has to involve penetration! If you want something light, uncomplicated and fun, try frottage.

1. Communication is Key The key to any successful sexual interactions. Yes, even in a non-committed encounter where it may seem silly or awkward, you should still talk about what both of you would like in terms of activities before engaging in them—especially if one of those activities involves your bits touching each other (or their bits touching yours).

2. Frottage Isn’t Just About Sex There are many reasons people get involved in non-penetrative intercourse besides sexual satisfaction; intimacy plays a big role here. What does non-penetrative intercourse feel like? It feels pretty similar to regular sex, except without a penis going into a vagina saying hello to the cervix. And it feels great – especially for anyone who finds vaginal penetration uncomfortable, painful or simply unnecessary. So how do you do it? Start by simply rubbing yourself against your partner’s body as part of foreplay – but there are also other ways to incorporate frottage into partnered play as well, including mutual masturbation and oral sex.

3. Find Your Rhythm Like any new activity, you may need a few tries before landing on an agreeable rhythm while doing frottage. Also like any new activity, exploring different approaches helps expand our horizons and add variety to our lives — which can make life more enjoyable overall.

So Why Do People Do It? For some people, a little bit of skin-on-skin contact can lead to a very erotic experience, and frottage is one way to get started with sexual activity without penetration. For those with a fetish for rubbing or being rubbed, there’s something extra hot about being able to do it as part of an intimate connection. In addition, as long as no genitals are involved, there’s nothing penetrative going on—so even those who aren’t ready for penetrative sex can experiment with frottage play. Since you have less contact than other forms of sex, you have more control over how much stimulation you give your partner.

Pros And Cons Of Frottage, Because many people are curious about frottage, but don’t know what it means, let’s start with a definition. Frottage refers to sexual contact that doesn’t involve penetration. Or as I like to put it, just a fancy name for “dry humping” There are many reasons why someone might have a frottage fetish or participate in frottage during sex. Some individuals get aroused by having their bodies close together while others get turned on by seeing or feeling other people touch themselves. Give it a go (again for many of us), take it to a new level and reach the big O, learn new word and Enjoy you time.


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