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What does the word exhibitionism mean to you?

This is a sexual behavior in where people get sexually aroused by showing their body or genitals to others, in other words they like to be seen. This behavior is not seen in the best way by society, and it is commonly labeled as a perverse act.

The specialists call exhibitionism a fetish, and it is at the top of the favorite fantasies of many couples worldwide. So let’s review some of the aspects related to this curios behavior.

What is exhibitionism?

Scientifically, it is a persistent or recurrent tendency that is based on the risk of copulating or masturbating exposing the genital organs to strange people regardless of their age, or sex, executing any of these activities in concurrent public places to achieve a degree of excitement. The exposure elevates the pleasure itself. This activity is preferably done in public places instead than in private places. The adrenaline rush causes greater enjoyment to the person (s) involved.

Types of exhibitionism.

There are several types of exhibitionism, which are characterized by the segmentation of certain aspects of the body.

Anasyrma, this is the Greek term that alludes to the lascivious gesture of raising the skirt worn and showing the vulva. This behavior is much more related to the female gender.

Flashing, is implicit for both genders, is associated with showing the chest. A good example of flashing was made by the girlfriend of the world cup in 2010 the Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme.

Streaking, very recurrent in football matches, consists of performing full-body nudes.

Martimaclia is a common paraphilia; it consists in the sexual excitement of having sex while a public observes it. This term is extended in two subcategories called cancaneo or dogging. Dogging involves walking the dog through the park to maintain sexual encounters with other people who practice it, and caning is a much more sporadic type of swinging.

The Anglo-Saxon, this term is also called “reflect porn” and it is the excitement that comes from posting on the Internet a selfie reflecting the naked the most outstanding body appearance.

The exhibitionism as a fetish.

This fetish hides a great need to capture the attention of others, and as we have mentioned before, with the exception of certain behavioral pathologies, the attraction of this activity lies in the looks of the spectators while performing the sexual act, since it has as main principle "The forbidden is more desired", just imagining this type of events can be enough to raise the pulsations and jump the head to sexual adventures of those who prefer it.

In recent news, there was reported the arrest of a couple who had sex openly while waiting for an order inside Domino's Pizza in North Yorkshire England, the couple claimed to be very proud of what happened, and positioned Domino's Pizza in the first place, in the top five of public places where to have sexual encounters.

Where does exhibitionism takes place?

Mainly, in any public place where a great multitude of people can see the exhibitionist. This doesn’t have to be only in real life, like in public, in stores, parks, forests, bars, cafeterias, it can be done virtually instagram, facebook or any other social media. Internet? Social media? Instragram? Yes, instagram with the creation of these famous social networks it is not necessary you move to any place, the exhibitionism is present in these platforms. The publication of videos and photos of celebrities are present in this type of practice. We have seen celebrities that have explicit and implicitly shown themselves in all media creating a bunch of comments. Some of the list are the American singer Aubrey O day, Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus and the infallible queen of the nude Kim Kardashian.

Use it to your advantage!

Exhibitionism can be a very valuable weapon for those in monotonous relationships in which one or both parties do not innovate in their sexual encounters. This exhibitionism is done in places with great risk of being exposed. The experience becomes more exciting when it is done while you are in a meeting with friends, in a trip to the cinema or in your car. There are approaches that can take your partner completely unaware. This is a very good strategy to heat the flame of passion and provide an adrenaline rush that will make it more exiting.

Remember that for some people this is a real need instead of a game, but in the case you feel attracted to the idea, the decision must be consensual and do not forget to take into account protection measures to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or an unwanted pregnancy.

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