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After sex Expectations VS Reality

After sex Expectations VS Reality

Sometimes men and women have after sex expectations that are pretty far from reality, what should we do? Take the reality as it comes and learn how to deal with it, remember be prepared for anything.

Some of the most common expectations after sex are: Remain together, cuddling and talking about your great life together; Sleep together and wake up in the morning feeling the luckiest in the world; wanting more than one encounter or whatever may come to your mind is far from the reality. So let’s talk about some common realities, this will show you, what you can expect after a passionate encounter:

Being hungry. You may feel great and relaxed after that passionate moment and there is nothing you want the most that remain in bed and maybe get ready for round two, but your partner is not in the same thought as he/she is hungry or thirsty. What can you do? If it is a special date you planned with some anticipation, you may want to have ready some after sex snacks, remember they have to be light. If you prepare a heavy meal, your body will turn exhausted between the sex and the food digestion. If you want round two keep it light and free from strong condiments like garlic, onion or anything that can ruin your mouth breath.

Being sleepy. After climax men tend to get extremely relaxed, girls, please try to understand this is a normal reaction, getting mad about it is useless and it will damage the moment. If there are things you feel are urgent to be talked, do it before sex, not after. If you make the important conversations in the right moment I am pretty sure the message will be easily received and understood.

One round encounters. Our bodies are designed differently. As some women can be multi-orgasmic, not many men can have more than one orgasm. And besides the amount of orgasm you must keep in mind some men have a “refill time” that is longer than average. In other words, lets not talk about average, lets better say: some men can have more than an orgasm and ejaculation in matter of minutes, but for some others this process may take days and even weeks. What to do? Make good previous games. As men and women timing are quite different please keep in mind, first you have to know your body and second make a good foreplay. The better exited you get; it will be easier to climax for both in one round. This may mean that having one round only can be pleasant enough and will eliminate the frustration caused by the lack of a good climax.

Your partner decides to go after sex. Don’t worry most people react in a different way when it comes to leave or stay. When we talk about these encounters, you will never know if your partner wants to stay or leave. And depending on the kind of encounter you may want him/ her to leave or stay too. If you are used to be alone but he/she stays, you may not like it. And if you expect him/her to stay and it doesn’t work that way you may get disappointed. In this case, if it is one night encounter, you will just have to live it as it comes. If it is a relationship, you may want to discuss it; he/she may not be used to spend the night. It is just matter of decide and talk about what you both like.

On the other hand besides emotional or behavior reactions, you must think of your body how do you feel? It usually all goes normal but sometimes you may feel some discomfort after sex as a consequence of movements done or hormones released after intercourse. There is not much to be worried about, but if you feel this continues, you should visit your doctor.

If it is your first time, you may even have the highest expectations when it comes to this moment. Please be calm, even everything may be as perfect as you imagined, it unfortunately may not result as great as you though, don’t get worried or frustrated about it, remember it is your first time, and even you want it to be perfect there are many thighs you should consider: are you ready to live this experience? Are there the best time and place conditions? Are you too worried about STD or contraception? All these worries may come into your mind after sex, turning into wrong, every possible expectation you may have had from the moment. Again having the best conditions to experience this moment will help you improve the odds. But if still it didn’t result the way you dreamed of, time, practice and self-confidence will make things better.

When it comes to sex you must keep realistic expectations, remember we are all human beings and not everything is perfect, when you think on pleasure there are too many things you should consider, is this a casual encounter, is this a established relationship, is this something I am doing for the first time, no matter your answer take every experience as it comes and try to learn as much as possible from everyone of them.

Talk to your partner about what you like and what would you like to do after sex. Be considered, we all react different when it comes to sex and after sex feelings and physical needs.

Anyway, whether you like it or not, keep in mind that when it comes to pleasure, you need to know yourself first and above all. Second, if this does not turn out the way you wanted, you can always try again. When you learn from what you lived, you will improve and you will be prepared avoiding those uncomfortable or disappointing surprises when you compare your expectations with after sex reality.

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