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Top ways to restrain your partner for sexual pleasure.

Top ways to restrain your partner for sexual pleasure.

Restraining your partner during sexy time can be really fun! This movement restriction practice can increase your pleasure and your partner’s pleasure, because you both are assuming roles. He/she is giving you control of the situation, and you are responsible from using your best tricks to please him/her. This also has a powerful effect in the mind and in what we receive as pleasure.

This practice is usually related to the world of BSDM, but should only go as far as you and your partner want. As in this practice, there is control and movement limitiations both partners have to agree it and learn that stop is stop. In this case the technique is to decide a word, or safe word to be used when needed, especially by the restrained partner.

These restraining practices can go from the softest to the really hardcore ones and the restraining methods or tools to be used will depend on the intensity of the experience you want to live.

If you are looking for a homemade experience you can start using elements you can find on your own house: a scarf, a tie, rope or tape are some of the most common elements present in a home that can be included in the bed room. The main areas to be restrained usually are: arms, hands and legs. An easy way to start is to take a scarf and restrain your partner’s hands to the bed poles. Also if your bed allows it, you can restrain his/her legs too; in this case you can use an element a that allows you to extend it a little longer, for example, a tie or a rope and restrain this part. In this, as in many cases the tools to be used will depend on where does your imagination takes you.

To try more advanced games you can look for:

Handcuffs: these are included in the more advanced elements because these are not usually at home; you will need to purchase them in a store. There are special handcuffs that are softer of even with colorful designs the idea is to make them more comfortable.

Tape: tape can be easily used to contain your partners movements, if you are going to use the tape you can find at home be extremely careful of where do you apply it because you can cause more damage than pleasure. If pain is not on the list, avoid regular tape, if this is something you want to try, look for special tape that is designed to use in these games, you can find it like bondage tape, online or in your most convenient sex store. The plastic wrap is something you can find at home too, and it is quite easy to use, it can help you restrain more extended parts of the body, like arms with the chest or the legs all around, limits are set by your fantasies.

When it comes to much more advanced experiences you can look for elements similar to these: Anal hooks; armbinders, usually used to keep the hands or the arms next to each other; the ball gag, that consist on a sphere that is inserted in the mouth; the bondage bed, this is a more specific devise that is specially designed. Some of them can be used as a regular bed and some others are designed to be used specifically as BDSM tools so it does not work as a regular bed; bondage mittens, please don’t confuse this with the mittens used when you are cold, these mittens keep the hands in an specific position, and to avoid its common use. Harnesses, belts, yokes and hoods as well as breast binders, chastity belts, cock rings, collars, corsets and much more are part of the list of accessories to be used if you are trying to experience the pleasure that comes from restraining.

If you still want to learn much more there are also dental forceps, head harness, and hobble skirts. There are human pony harnesses designed with the same purpose horse harnesses have, but adjusted to human size; medical restrains are quite useful tools to restrain your partner and add something else into the game context. Rope is a classic, it practically has no limits on where it can be used. The spreader bar, used to keep the arms or the legs separated from each other, chains and many more elements to be used in all kinds of scenarios.

Restraining may be related or associated with bondage but did you know there are even types of bondage? For example the decorative bondage is used only as an ornament on the person, like to adorn it. There is also torture bondage or restraining to be used as the word says to make the restrained person to feel uncomfortable, or even gets to feel pain. There is also the film bondage and the meditation bondage but it is up to you, what you want to include in your bedroom sessions.

Please remember especially when you are beginning to be careful with how you use and where you use restraining devises, if they have any kind of instructions make sure to read them, if it is not the case, remember to use your logical thinking specially when it comes to safety. For example; watch your partner’s blood circulation; you don’t want him/her to get hurt because you have pressed to hard the restraining devises. Make sure you can remove easily the restraining element in case of emergency, again the idea is to have fun not to end un in the hospital. Be careful if you use elements that can affect speech or breathing, in this case your partner won’t be able to communicate so you have to be aware of his/her requests.

Having all this in mind, restraining is a way to spice your relationship, to add something new and change the dynamic in the bedroom, so keep it interesting, keep it healthy but mostly keep it fun!

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