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Heating up a long distance relationship

Having a long distance relationship does not have to be a reason to have a frozen sex life, and if you live in this century a lot less! Nowadays we have all kind of medias and technologies to heat up our relationships long distance or not. If you don’t believe it, think on this: a bunch of years ago people used letters to keep their relationship alive! Will you tell me that having internet, computers and phones you cannot keep it animated, keep reading and find out it is possible.

First remember than love and a relationship is much more than sex, when you are in love there are other elements that will hold you as a couple different than sex, so try to keep those on. For example, work on having a good communication, allow your partner to know you are there for him/her. Emotional connection is one of the most important things you need to keep and improve to keep and improve your long distance relationship. Be supportive, remain interested in the general wellbeing state of your partner, it will always increase your chances of getting him/her into the mood for something sexier.

I know you have to consider most men are more reserved about their daily life situations, but this does not mean he may need from time to time to have someone who cares about his problems and not just his penis. On the other hand if you are a boy reading this, remember your girl will always have something to share good or bad. I will give you or remind you the biggest secret ever: your girl does not want solutions, she usually wants to be heard! I know this may be quite shocking for you and even may seem as if it not logical, but learn to listen to her will make you the best partner and for sure will help you strength the bond in your relationship, the better the emotional connection the easiest and there will be more chances of getting some long distance digital action.

There are pretty easy ways to keep things hot, as in today’s world technology is all around, from phone calls to video chats are all in the menu you just have to serve it and know how to present it. Keep some things in mind when attempting some of these adventures:

The time and the place. Of your long distance relationship is that far that your schedules are too different, you need to know the moment you will take for both is appropriate, program your virtual dates to avoid sending indiscrete pictures or making hot calls in the wrong moment. Even if you are not in different time zones be careful, for example if you send a hot voice message and your partner accidentally opens it in a public place, he/she may feel embarrassed so think, when would it be the best time or much better send the message with a warning note; if he/she cannot open it right away at least your partner will remain curios and exited about the content of the message, video or voice message.

Be careful. No matter how in love you may be, sending images or videos where your identity is completely recognizable should me a must not! You don’t really know how life can change so try to avoid showing your face in compromising medias, no matter how horny you are, this may lead to consequences long term if things don’t end up well.

Now, going back to the main idea of the article which is giving you some tips to heat up your long distance relationship. Go to the basics, phone calls may sound old fashion but they work! During phone calls you are completely focused in the moment, your mind is really active and you can use your imagination. Use nice phases, romantic lines and your hottest descriptions, tell him/her the way you would make love to your partner and turn things on.

Images and videos are a good idea, this can be the previous show before the main one, it is a good way of heating up during the day if you know at night your will be able to talk or share a more private video session.

Video calls. This way is much more interactive. There is not just a sound but there is also an image and you get his/her reaction right away. If you want to make it more interesting and your budget allows it take advantage of the mail service, send each other things you would like him/her to use during your special sessions for example send a sex toy, a nice lingerie or if mail does not allow it, tell him for example when you go to the grocery store buy some chocolate, wine or strawberries and you can buy the same and pretend you are sharing it together or plan a digital dinner, no matter if what you are having is a pizza but eating “together” sitting and using those medias to connect and give each other that sense of approach may be a nice detail.

There are many ways you can use to remain connected and allow passion to be alive, you can even make sexy posters from each other and hang them in your favorite place. You just need to relax and make things nice for both. Another good idea is to have his/her fragrance near you, may people relate fragrances with moments and having that special perfume close to you is always a good way to keep him/her present and make him/her remind you too.

Listen to special music, keep close to you those songs you listen to the time you spend together and play it during the moments when you get more intimate. Imagination is the limit and remember make it great through digital media but make it awesome the moments you spend face to face this will always be the real fuel to keep your relationship hotter than ever.

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