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How to pull off that school girl fantasy

There isn’t a person as an individual or a couple who won’t have thought about roleplay within the sexual dynamics of their sexual relationship. They are simply seen as harmless fun ways of spicing up a relationship and by which partners take on naughty roles to fulfil these dark and desired naughty fantasies. However the thought of it can be quite nerve-wracking, maybe you won't enjoy it, maybe you won't feel comfortable, maybe it will be a turn-off and so forth. Therefore consider this a guide on how to get started with the perfect sexual fantasy, for the purpose of this article it will be in terms of the schoolgirl fantasy as this is one of the top ranking naughty fantasies amongst the male and female population.

First, you need to figure out the fantasy, both take some time in your own thoughts to think about what it is that you want from the fantasy. Do you want to be the schoolgirl or do you want it flipped and want to be a female teacher, what age do you want to be, how do you want it to happen, you don’t want to kill the mood with to much information but you do also want to get what you want and need from the sexual fantasy experience yourself.

After figuring it out you need to share the details with each other as good role-playing starts with the sharing of the fantasy. However, this can be worrying in itself as you may feel that your partner will feel they aren’t good enough or aren’t enough for you sexually. It is important to illiterate that this is not the point it is simply to try and bring something new to the relationship, not that you want to change the dynamics of the relationship. However if you bring this up totally left field from your partner, for instance, if you have been thinking about it for a while but have never brought it up with them you could incorporate it into conversation by suggesting you had a super hot dream about them last night in which you were a school girl and they were the teacher and take it from there. After the sharing the hard part comes, explaining to your partner why you have this fantasy. For instance without telling them why they may have a different idea of the fantasy than you and what you were hoping would be sexy and fun could turn out to creepy and weird which is not sexy at all. Therefore in order to get what you want out of the experience, you have to describe your particular fantasy to your partner. One of the best ways to do this without it feeling awkward and slightly creepy is to do it when you are both lying in bed, there is something so intimate and vulnerable about this but it can also be a turn on, lying in bed talking about fantasies but without touching each other, all just imaginary images of what it would be like.

Before carrying out the fantasy it is important to set out some limitations as in as far as what you are both comfortable with doing and acting like, especially if your fantasy entails some form of punishment, which as far as a school girl fantasy goes is highly likely even if it is just a light spanking. You should establish your limits together and incorporate a safe word that either of you can use if it becomes too much or uncomfortable.

Setting the scene is mandatory for fantasy role play and in the case of the naughty school girl, there are tonnes of costumes and naughty school girl uniforms you can buy. You could even withhold it from your boyfriend until the actual fantasy making the experience just as fun for him as it is for you. Changing into the uniform will really help you get into character and make it feel like something new and naughty, you could also go as far as putting a desk or chalkboard or something into the room you shall be using to make it look and feel like a classroom.

Try to envisage what you want your schoolgirl to be like and ask your partner what they would like, ultimately it is your fantasy though so you can take your partners thoughts and opinion on board, but it is you that will ultimately have to act in that way and so envisage what you want, see yourself like that and become that person. Whether you see your school girls as a minx who can lead the teacher astray or a shy vulnerable girl who gets seduced by the teacher, there are no wrong answers or ideas it is what you desire at the end of the day.

Although this article is telling you to plan plan plan it is important not to get caught up in it also, yes it is an important part of roleplay however it is also essential that you have fun. The more fun you have the more relaxed you will be and thus the experience will be much more enjoyable.

Do not over think it you have to know what you want to happen and you know how you want it to make you feel the rest is just logistics. With the right uniform, frame of mind, setting and any equipment you may want to use as props you will have the perfect environment for the perfect classroom seduction fantasy, so get looking for that uniform, practice your best nerdy vulnerable lip biting sultry behaviour and start learning your best yes sirs because term is session your homework is late and you have been a very very naughty girl.

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