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Tinder: 101

Tinder is a mobile dating app launched in 2012 by young guys from Los Angeles. In July 2015, the US investment bank Merrill Lynch estimated Tinder at $1.35 billion. Today it is the most downloaded application in the App Store.

It is worthy of note that one of the creators of the application, Sean Red, met his girlfriend through Tinder. She turned out to be the daughter of Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell, which is quite amusing because in his interviews Sean used to say that computers will die soon.


When creating the application, Tinder developers were based on the following beliefs:

- when you want to meet somebody in a bar, it is very important to know that he/she also likes you in advance;

- at the very first acquaintance, people pay attention only to the appearance, the circle of interests of a stranger does not matter at this stage;

- young people access the Internet mainly via a mobile phone. They don't need a web version of dating sites at all.

Sean Red, Jonathan Badin and Justin Matin created an extremely simple, but at the same time revolutionary, dating principle. You just scroll through the photos of candidates by pressing "like / dislike". This trick is called a "double opt-in", that is, a double match when two users have marked mutual sympathy and can now decide whether to chat or continue the search. Another convenient option is to search for a partner in your vicinity. The main functions of the Tinder dating app can be used without any fee, but there is always the opportunity to buy additional features.

Tinder is the first dating service that users found funny. The topic of dating over the Internet became fashionable for the first time. While dating monsters such as, OkCupid and eHarmony ask you to fill out questionnaires with a bunch of questions, Tinder suggests just logging in via Facebook, uploading a few photos, and everything is ready: the gallery of handsome men and beauties is open for swipe right and swipe left. It is comfortable, easy and useful.

While traditional dating sites set you up for thoughtful choices, dating through Tinder happens more often. The application begins to receive more and more criticism from psychologists and sociologists who are alarming about devaluing the search for a permanent partner and serious relationship.

Do you still think that Tinder is an application for a one-night sex? You are not alone. Most people think so, including its active users. But if you have long wanted to download it, but you are afraid that, besides having a sex for one night, there is no sense in searching for somebody, then it is time to dispel all the doubts. Because the researchers found out the incredible thing: it turns out that Tinder fans have the same number of random sexual partners as those who have never used it or have no idea what it is.

Scientists have noted that, even though the majority of Tinder users are oriented (at least mentally) to sex, both men and women more often use it for entertainment. In other words, this application turns into a fun online game that people click when there is nothing else to do.

There are already recommendations on how to make your Tinder profile as successful as possible on the Internet. It was observed that photos with animals or pictures taken during travel add attractiveness to users of the application. Analysts claim that many girls are able to check candidates for their social status, so a photo in a suit also increases the chances of men. Women avoid men of model appearance, men, on the contrary, are attracted by beauties. Selfies in the bathroom and frankly erotic photos are considered to be a bad choice for a successful profile.

One of the paid options is the ability to search for users from different countries. At the same time, candidates will see that you are in the country temporarily, but are ready to make new acquaintances.

It is worthy of note that men and women use Tinder differently. Women usually spend more time in the app, pay more attention to each man they are chatting. On the other hand, men are more confident and ready to date. They make decisions faster and more often finish what they have begun (it's not about sex, but meeting the acquaintances).

A few inspiring facts:

● 12 million virtual matches are created around the world every minute;

● 50 million active users in the application;

● women spend 8.5 minutes during one session, checking photos of the candidates, men –

7.2 minutes;

● On average, users log in to the application 11 times a day, with a total spend of 90 minutes.

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