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Male Ejaculation control - Last longer be stronger

Have you ever been in the middle of a passionate session and your penis decided to end it sooner than you expected? Keep the answer for you and continue reading.

Ejaculation control is one of the main issues you may have to face sooner or later. There are basically two cases, those who have always had it, and those who started experiencing it later in life. No matter what is the instance you should try to be aware of the fact that if you want to really please your partner, you need more than a few minutes, why? Because men and women arousal process is different, the time women need is usually longer.

As a men you already should have noticed that ejaculation is not always equal to pleasure and it is not either synonymous of an orgasm.

The ejaculation is the process in which semen is expulsed through the urethra. It usually happens during sexual excitement but this can also happen involuntary, for example during a dream. Even this process may happen unwittingly you may learn to delay it to last longer during sexual performance making it more pleasant for you and your partner.

Why is important to learn how to control ejaculation? Because for most men, after ejaculation face a resting period. This period may last from minutes or hours for some, to even days or weeks for others and during this time it is hard to have a new erection, ejaculation and/or orgasm.

If you feel you are having early ejaculation or you want to seek to last longer, you can try some of these recommendations:

Tip number one, keep yourself calm. For most 'sex time' is time of huge excitement and extreme pleasure. This excitement does not happen only in your body it happens also in your mind. Both reactions go hand by hand, one pushing the other to trigger the greatest reactions. That is why control and certain 'calm' is key.

What should you also keep in mind: your thoughts and the reactions of your body. When it comes to your body, start with your breathing. Breathing deeply and slowly may help you control your rushed body and that heavy sensation that comes before ejaculation. Inhale deep not through your nose but through your mouth. Take the air into the lungs, make it also with your stomach. Breathing in and out really deep may help you control that intense impulse that is part of the sexual encounter.

Control your thoughts. Your thoughts are usually the biggest influence in the pleasure you find during sex. Changing thoughts and focusing in something different in the moment when you feel you are about to ejaculate may be useful. Please do not take it as impersonal or as a disconnection, but distracting your mind form sex is one of the tricks that may help you last longer. For example thinking on a video game or taking your attention from the penis to your ankles, instead of remaining in the exact moment you are living at that point, may help you hold, till the instant you feel you are both ready to climax.

There are some more specific exercises to be practiced alone and later you can incorporate your partner. These have to be done gradually. Please keep in mind premature ejaculation may be related to emotional, psychological and physical elements and each of them have to be considered. For example excessive stress may affect your performance and it may turn this situation into a vicious circle because the stress may harm your performance and a low performance may increase your stress.

Your general physical condition is also an element to be considered, why? Because the penis works with the blood flow that enters the inner cavities in the penis, causing an erection. The better is your condition the better the blood circulation and this physical shape can help you also avoid the fatigue during each encounter.

Another element to think about is hormones. We all need to have our hormones balanced to work properly in general life and during sex. For men a low level of testosterone may affect how long does he last. If you think it is the case, a visit to the doctor can be of great help.

Some men may try artificial options, taking pills or injections to last longer, but be careful with this option because doing it frequently may be worse long term, causing the impossibility of having a natural erection.

One of the elements that may affect the ejaculation process are the habits learned in early life. During adolescence, masturbating was usually done in a rush. These speed habits may have programmed you to ejaculate faster than you would now like. The basic exercise is to start controlling the ejaculation need alone.

How can this be done?

Start masturbating alone, without using pornography.

Feel your body and your excitement level.

When you feel you are about to ejaculate press the base of the penis, especially the conduct located in the middle of the penis where the semen comes out.

Pressure it and hold it till the impulse disappears.

Repeat it at least three times and allow yourself to ejaculate in the third moment.

You may not succeed the first time but practice will help you improve.

This exercise will help you program your brain and your system to last longer and will make it know it doesn't have to ejaculate right away.

The next stage is to practice with your partner. When you are with your partner she has to be up and you have to do the same procedure, press to control. To try it this way your partner has to be super comprehensive and understand this exercise will turn into great results for both of you.

There are more specific techniques you can definitely try. In case you feel you are getting worse, please contact a specialist you trust, your doctor for example, may help you identify the causes and give you suggestions to work on it.

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