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Loose as a goose

Loose as a goose - lots of sex does not make it loose

Have you been having too much fun lately? Are you worried and think your vagina will not resist it? Are you worried about its physical integrity? Keep reading and find out if your fears are real or not.

Sex is one of the nicest things you can enjoy in life, and our parts are specially design to it. The female parts, particularly the vagina is extremely flexible and besides being flexible this cavity is able to adapt to mostly any size and shape. It has to be that way to be able to go through natural delivery as the new born has to pass that channel to come into the world.

There have been some studies to determine the average size of the vagina for example, they have found its size is between 6 and 11 centimeters an it can increase a little it's size during sexual excitement. Can it really be too big or two small? The size of the vagina should not affect sexual performance or sexual pleasure, but there are some conditions that may affect it; for example pain during sex may happen as consequence of a poor stimulation before penetration. There is also a condition that causes inflammation in the vagina and that makes the vagina muscles to contract more than they should making penetration painful. There are some women that may consider their vagina is too small, because no matter the previous stimulation and the lubrication, they still feel pain during intercourse; but again thanks to its huge flexibility the vagina should be able to adjust to any size when it is properly stimulated.

Can your vagina become too big? In this case you should know it is possible, but taking the initial title it won't be loose for having too much sex. The vagina is not only available to adjust to any size but is also able to go back to its average dimension after it has received something bigger than usual.

As many things in life, time and experiences change most things and our vagina is not the exception. The internal area has muscles that control the contractions and affect how tight it is; unfortunately age and the lack of exercise usually affects this area too.

Another element that may affect your vagina is natural delivery. Even women are design to face this normal process, if it takes longer than expected or if there are medical complications, your private area may be affected.

There is something you should also consider, what happens inside and what happens outside. Let’s be clear, the vagina internal surface is quite flexible, but the external area is basically skin. This skin is as susceptible as the rest of the body skin to develop wrinkles and widen. There are some practices that may affect the external look of your pussy; excessive stretching, tweezers, pulling and pinching the lips may affect the general external aspect of your pleasure area. The deal is skin is delicate and this kind of behavior may affect it.

What can you do in this case?

For the internal area you can practice exercises to improve control over it; for example Kegel exercises. This exercise consists on controlling and contracting the pelvic floor muscles as they are highly involved in its functioning and contractions during sex and orgasms. This is a natural way to keep those muscles in form; these muscles are also useful and necessary to avoid incontinence. Remember all the muscles in our body need to work out and the muscles related to the vagina are not the exception, but again remember sex doesn't make it loose in the internal area.

There are other devices that may be used to improve its strength; for example there are the Ken Wa Balls. These little balls come in different sizes and weights. The purpose of using them is to insert them and keep them in. The stronger you become the easier will be for you to keep them inside. There are some others that are similar and include a tiny ball inside of another and when you move it vibrates; this vibration improves the effect of the exercise.

Beside exercises you can find creams on line that assert they can make your vagina more firm, an some of them have pretty good reviews. On the other hand there are “natural” remedies that claim to have the same effect, but please be careful, some of those products may be toxic and inserting them in your vagina can cause those toxics to come into your system, making you sick.

When these solutions are not enough and for any reason (again different than sex) you feel your vagina has changed affecting your sexual relations, doctors have developed procedures to restore its condition to the best possible, tight the internal muscles. These procedures may adjust your vagina internally and externally there are some doctors that can even work in its appearance, for example if the external lips are stretched there are doctors that also do plastic surgery on the vagina. In this case, as in any medical procedure, you have to take care of the area as best as possible to avoid complications and you also have to avoid sex, the time the doctor indicates it.

Many women usually don’t know something has changed because they don’t know how it originally was. That is why it is so important to explore yourself. Take a mirror and look at your vulva and the vagina entry. Observe its color and dimensions. Explore it and feel it internally and externally. When you know how it is you will be able to identify when something is different. You can also find out how strong it is doing a short exercise. Being alone start masturbating, in the process insert one of your fingers in the vagina and use your other hand to stimulate the clitoris, while you are doing this focus on the sensation caused by your vagina over your finger. This will allow you to know how it works and take the most out of that special spot.

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