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Orchestrating your senses

Orchestrating your senses.

Our entire body is the channel through we all get in touch with the world, we send and receive a bunch of information: pleasure from a caress or a kiss, pain for an accidental burn, heat by the sun and cold by the winter wind. We can also perceive the beauty of the world through our eyes and enjoy the sweetest sounds of the music or our beloved voice; and for the food lovers, what is better than having our favorite meal.

But is that the only purpose of our senses? Are we truly connected with our body and with what it tries to tell us? Do we really take it all and live it the fullest, or are we passing by the best but sometimes shortest moments in our lives.

How can we connect again with our body, senses and soul if we are always in a rush? our life seems like and endless race competing against time, running after success trying to catch it as soon as possible, like there is no tomorrow, and in today's world you may say "it is very possible, we may not have a tomorrow" but if it is the case, what are you doing with your today?

You may be thinking what does this have to do with my senses? It has to do a lot, how many times have you missed a kiss of your partner because you were late for work, how many others didn't you hug someone you love because you were busy and when was the last time you used your sweet voice to caress his/her ears by saying something as simple as "I love you" or if you are not so close to someone with a casual "hello! How are you today?"

You may think again, what does this have to do with it orchestrating my senses? You have to start somewhere and practicing with others is an easy way to begin.

Going back to the main topic you have to recover the control and the link between you and your body, your brain and what does it pay attention to. Sometimes it seems like we have become a robot; we are not completely aware of every step of the day, as this may really turn overwhelming and time consuming. So let's start slowly and with short exercises. Why would this help? You could take these two reasons: first it will help you live, being more conscious of every moment; and second it will help you getting aroused faster as you already have reconnected with your senses, for example:

The sense of touch. Many of us usually forget the biggest sexual organ of our body is: our skin. The skin is filled with thousand of nerve endings these nerve endings are there to warn us and protect us from extreme heat, cold or pressure, but as consequence of their main role they turn the skin into one of the most sensitive areas in our body making it a great source of pleasure. How can you take advantage of it, get to know your most sensitive points and grow the link between the stimulus and what the brain reads from it.

Something as common as taking your daily shower can help you arouse the sense of touch, feel the water and how it runs down all over your body, take some body cream and moisture your skin. Hug your partner sincerely and from the deepest of your heart.

The sense of hearing. Fill your life with pleasant sounds. There are people who are quite sensitive to audio stimulation. You can use your voice to stimulate them during especial encounters. Articulate nice words, express your partner how much you like or desire him/her. Your entire body may show other signals of desire, but hearing it from your voice can make it much better, attention! It is not matter of generalizing, but women usually enjoy more this kind of stimulus, turn it into one of your biggest weapons. If sexual pleasure is in our mind hearing is one of the best input methods you can take advantage from.

The sense of vision. Have you ever been walking in your city, but without paying attention to what is around you? Learning to appreciate and observe the beauty in our world is a very important task to do. You have to consciously practice and focus on the nice things over the ugly ones. For example instead of looking at the trash can in the street why don't you try to focus on the blossom flowers. When you learn to focus on the good things you will feel better, not only about the things around you, but about yourself! If you learn to look at you, highlighting your best attributes you will feel more confident and this will also improve how you feel and what you project to others. Now let’s take these principles to the bedroom: it is largely know most men are visual, so try to include interesting visual stimulus during your sexy sessions, this will for sure make a huge difference.

Smell and taste. These two frequently work together as you need both to be perfectly working to be able perceive the taste and smell of what you are eating. These are very powerful senses as they can trigger and bring back moments you previously associated with a particular taste or smell. During couple's time, sometimes you can incorporate these two great senses to make any experience more complete. For sure you have heard of candles with fragrances and also oils to massage the body with essences even lubricants with fruit flavors. These senses have to be special if so many brands have taken their time to create and improve special products to be used in these moments.

Like it or not the better your own internal connection with your senses, the better and the easier you will be able to enjoy life and those special moments you live alone or with a partner. Stop living like an isolated robot! Wake up and discover again what you have forgotten, open your eyes and see, touch, hear, smell and taste a new world, but it is new because you have learn how to discover it, in ways you never thought possible, how? Orchestrating your senses.

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