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Simple things women want in bed

There are many things you can do in bed, but there are also some others that your partner may want but doesn’t feel confident enough to ask for it. We all basically are looking for pleasure when it comes to sex time, but what do women want and are not ready to ask for? Keep reading and find out.

  1. Oral sex. Most women like to please their partner with their mouth, but they are not used to get the favor back to them. Oral sex is one of the best foreplay games you can share with each other, but especially you can give it to your female partner. Surprise her! Take that road down to please her use your tongue, lips, teeth and fingers, all is available to be used for pleasure.

  2. Wild sex. Even most girls like romantic sex, to include some more passionate and wild sex from time to time is good too. Some spanking, hair pulling or restraining may be included on the menu, make sure to set some boundaries.

  3. Let her lead. Try to leave her be in charge from time to time, let her lead and guide the encounter, choose the positions and the speed, she may really surprise you.

  4. Find and take advantage of her sweet spot. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive areas in the women’s body if not the most sensitive, learn how to properly stimulate it.

  5. Role play. Including some creative elements for a great, fun and different night is one of the ideas both of you may have in mind but may be too embarrassed to ask for. Leave shyness behind and bring to live some of your secret fantasies to share it together.

  6. Undress her. I know this is too movie like, but undressing your girl may make her feel really wanted. Kissed her, caress her, take her clothes off piece by piece reveling her like she was your biggest gift.

  7. Dirty talk. Some men think dirty talk is just to be received not given, but women enjoy this too. If most men like to see, most women like to hear. Would you like to find the next erogenous point of your partner, after the clitoris? learn to say nice things to her, make compliments, tell her how much you like her, how pretty or sexy she is and how much you want her, are some of the things may help you blow up her mind.

  8. Record your encounter. Sounds like a quite dirty right? Recording your encounter may be fun and sexy for both of you. Just be careful enough to keep it private.

  9. Try new things out of the bed room. The room is not the only place to have sexy encounters, try new spaces, how bold are you?

  10. Make her feel special. Each time you are together try to share more than intercourse, stay a little longer in bed, hug her, don’t ran away as soon as you can. Remember if you want to earn a space in her heart and in her bed you have to stay longer.

  11. Take your time. Men and women need different amounts of time to be ready for action and to reach climax, if you want both of you to have fun, take enough time to warm up. Your lady may need more time than you to get to her best arousal point.

If this does not sound simple for you, let’s make it easier, your partner wants you to care about her too, do not be selfish. Use your best tricks, take your time to please her, ask her what she really wants.

A nice encounter may include a bunch of kisses, tons of sweet or dirty words, but say those words with passion and desire. Make her feel unique and exceptional. Take your time to please her, involve all yourself in the moment not just your penis, use your voice your mouth your hands. You can become the best gift giving her pleasure and taking the time to it. Avoid just focusing in penetration and orgasms enjoy the way there.

Usually the best is the encounter, the most exhausted you get, but try not to fall asleep right away. Stay with her, hug her, talk to her tell her how great that encounter was for you, tell her how much you liked that special lingerie she wore, or much you enjoyed that new move she made.

Even you may also get really hungry after intercourse, wait a little, if you ask for food immediately after being in bed, the magic is completely lost. If you already know you get really hungry and want to have a planned date, it is a good idea to prepare some snacks to have them ready when you need them, this way you won’t have to ask her to prepare some food, you can have that snack together and stay a little longer in bed, or share more time without going back to reality that soon.

Be neat, most girls try to be ready for action and they have to go through a many beauty routines that may be similar to medieval tortures. Attention! The point is not making you suffer or anything similar to it a light shave, a clean private area and a nice fragrance is something easy to do and will help you feel confident too.

In a passionate session both partners are looking to share the biggest pleasure, try to enjoy the moment, for most, it is hard to believe that there is possible to make something simple with a women, you may think for them is always easy to change their minds. The point is you can get to know her, there are always signals that may allow you to know if she is in the romantic or wild mode. If you are not sure if you are doing it right read her body language, does she have a heavy breathing are her muscles tight, are her nipples harder or if her vagina is really moisture? you are doing something right, keep going.

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