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Sex Dolls

Sex, company, fetishes and believe it or not even marriage are some of the reasons why there are people that may have a sex doll. But what are they? Sex dolls are devises that imitate mostly human forms, or parts of them. They may go from the simplest to the most elaborated. These dolls exists from ancient times, as a proof of it there is a poem in where a men fell in love from a beautiful statue, he took care of it, bathe it, feed it and had sex with it; according to the poem, Aphrodite had merci on him and turn the statue into a real women.

The next important point in the sex dolls history was about 1958, before this date these dolls were prohibited and mostly secret, but starting from this point the sex dolls were allow being advertised and sold publicly. Also during their evolution, its construction changed to include more sophisticated and realistic materials, the point was copying as much as possible the human constitution and in 1970 the creation and inclusion of materials such as latex and silicone gave live to improved dolls. In this growth process, one of the last advances on dolls was in 2009, as it was in this moment were introduced android sex dolls.

The construction process is quite interesting, there are manufacturers that have predesigned models, and there are other that offer customized dolls. This personalization process allows the interested person to ask for exactly what his/her fantasy may be, and they can go from the most common elements, skin, hair and eyes color, to the size and shape of the genital members. There are even others bolder that ask for characters from online games, and or movies but when these are asked, they have to consider there are additional costs on the dolls for including special elements.

A short search on line will show you how much these dolls have changed and how varied they are. Every day they change to become as more realistic than ever, their hair, skin texture and shapes are there to please the owner and at least in their form, manufacturers have learned to make them more perfect each time.

What is the attraction behind these dolls? Why does a person use them? Some may think it is just for customized pleasure, and for being allow to experience sex fantasies that do not feel comfortable living with others. When I mean customized pleasure, it is because people can create dolls as real as possible or as unreal as you can imagine, fantasy dolls with purple hair, and dolls with really huge breast are possible in ways any human could so it safely. When you think on some sex fantasies they may not be comfortable experiencing with others I mean there are dolls with specific designs, these includes even dolls that have the appearance of a pregnant women, but this does not seem to be all, there are people that look for company and in Japan there is a guy that got married with a sex doll.

There are dolls or parts of it that are focused specifically in body parts, like in feet for foot fetish, or breast and butts for this body part’s lovers. One of these specially designed parts that outstand the most was a feet with a vagina included, apparently someone found the way to include both elements of this fetish in a single piece.

When you think on a sex doll, what first come to your mind are female sex dolls, as there are the most common and where initially easier to be constructed, but, there is a company that started to work on, and discovered the way of creating a male sex doll. They worked on manufacturing all kinds of elements for this male doll, and the client can choose everything. One of the most challenging elements for male dolls was the penis but they have got impressive results on what it comes to shape, size and general appearance. They also offer two modes for their dolls one aroused penis and one that is not, especially when you want to lie on your bed and feel a “warm body” next to you.

Are there advantages or disadvantages? Even having sex dolls is much more common than what people like to admit not many want to talk about it. Some of them wanted to talk but remain anonymous. Basically some of them mentioned having a sex doll allow them to have the pleasure without further complications. Some others said they didn’t feel alone anymore they found a companion on their dolls, and some others said with a doll they can experience sex in a extremely different form from the way they would do it with a human person. As some “disadvantages” you should count the dolls must be properly cleaned after use and the owner has to do all the “work”, but they also say, it is not too bad as they have the control of the situation in every moment.

Sex dolls have evolved to become so perfect that could even make jealous to any women and men, manufacturers include more elements to make them look almost alive, they also tend to advertise them with names or short stories about them, to give the dolls some background and personality. There are also price ranges, depending on the dolls features; they come from entry, mid range and luxury sex dolls.

A curios fact about sex dolls is there is a married couple in the UK that has the biggest collection of sex dolls and it costs over 150,000.00 USD. Even this is not a curios fact you should verify if sex dolls are legal on your country, because for example in the US and Canada they are legal except for those dolls that have a child appearance, so be careful with your selection.

Finally, do you think sex dolls with replace women? The costs involved, the lack of STD risks, no pregnancy possibility and the dolls permanent “great mood” are some of the reasons given by people who like dolls. No matter what the future brings, this still is an interesting and varied choice in the sex universe.

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