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Positions that guarantee orgasm.

Positions that guarantee orgasm.

When it comes to orgasms each person is different, so in consequence there is no “recipe” to reach it. Even thou there are some positions that may allow you to climax easily. But before going to specific positions, there are some aspects you should consider:

You are the only owner of your body, so before going to the fantasy where your partner goes and explores each corner of your body revealing till the smallest pleasure spot, please open your eyes! You must be your own “Columbus” no one should know your body better than you. Your partner will never be in your mind but if you know yourself, you will be able to guide him/her to your pleasure points in which you will be both able to enjoy each other’s body and the sexiest experiences together.

Now, to help you know yourself a little better there are some places in the body where you can start both for boys and girls:

  • Starting from head to toes, the entire body is an erogenous zone! Each person systems takes the signals differently and what is exiting for some, may be read as tickles for others but in case you are not quite sure there are some common erogenous points for most people: earlobes, forehead, lips, neck, shoulders, chest, nipples, belly, hips, thighs, and of course the penis and the vulva. There are some that may include the calves and the feet, but this last two may be included in a relaxing massage when you are in the previous games.

When it comes to being together and being able to climax, a relaxed environment and a good foreplay are highly recommended to both member of the couple to be IN the game.

Please keep present that the BEST POSITION to have an orgasms is your mind`s position or your mental position. Both men and women most of the time have hundreds of thoughts, worries or problems; these may jump into bed, and make the worst third companion. If you really want to climax during intercourse you must learn how to clear your mind and focus on the moment. The job, the family or even the physical shape may be thoughts that interrupt the moment and the feeling of the moment, so block them to stop them blocking you from climax.

Now when it comes again to specific positions, the best ones are those in which you are able to stimulate as best as possible the G-spot on girls and the clitoris. Why is this beneficial? When a woman is highly stimulated and she is about to come, the vagina walls close and open really fast, and this movements are quite stimulating to the partner too. That is why to increase the possibility of both partners having an orgasm the better the stimulation, the better the possibilities of climax together.

Having this in mind here are some specific positions you can try:

  • The Rider: In the Rider sex position she kneels astride her partner but with her back to him as if in the Reverse Cowgirl, but she leans forward to balance herself on his knees.

  • The Cross: The woman lies on her back, one leg extended, the other bent up in the Cross sex position. The man sits down with one thigh over her extended thigh and slips her bent leg under his arm.

  • The Toad: The woman lies on her back with her legs open, while her partner lies between her legs and enters her.

  • The Doggy style the female is on her hands and knees (all fours) with her legs far enough apart to allow her partner to penetrate from behind. Her partner kneels down and enters from behind, grabbing on to her hips or thighs.

  • The Eagle: The man kneels at the edge of the bed in front of his partner, who’s lying on her back, knees slightly bent up. He holds her legs up and apart by grabbing onto her ankles as he enters her. Penetration is very deep and satisfying for the woman and the man can enjoy a prime view of all the action. Depending on the man’s height, it may be more comfortable to place a cushion underneath the woman's bottom.

You can try this because they may allow you to stimulate the clitoris at the same time your partner enters you. Remember knowing your body, keeping your mind in the moment and choosing a position where you can reach the clitoris and fell comfortable are some of the highly recommended tips to guarantee an orgasm with your partner.

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