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Over stimulation of the clitoris

When you get to know what you or your girl really like it is quite pleasant to share nice time in bed. But when you are not sure how to please yourself or please your partner it is important to check some details.

As we are all different your first mission is to explore yourself. When you know yourself, is easier to satisfy your needs alone or with your couple.

So let’s first check, where is the clitoris located? For some it is not easy to find. You may need to go from your pubic bone down to the top of the labia (the outer and inner skin folds) The gland of the clitoris is located between the inner folds of the vulva, at the top. In case you have doubts take a small mirror and look down. This is a good exercise to learn about your lady parts

Then, if you found out that your clitoris is the spot, let’s think how can we take the best of it?

At any time it is really important the approach you take on it. The clitoris has a huge amount of nerve endings. Please notice that as a consequence of its constitution, it can be the fount of the greatest pleasure or the biggest pain/discomfort as a consequence of over stimulation.

To make this as clear as possible: the clitoris is the key to release most of the best orgasms but this key MUST be treated at FIRST as the most delicate part of the body. Think on a rose petal with some water drops on it, when you first touch it to stimulate it, you have to be as gentle as you were if you had to slowly remove those little drops from the petals. When you roughly stimulate the clitoris at the beginning of the foreplay you may create instead of pleasure discomfort or even pain and that won´t help you to be in the mood for more action.

To help you master the softest caress, practice and incorporate some techniques like indirect stimulation. Instead of going directly to the spot go around it, alternate the clitoris and the vagina using its moisture to softly awake the clitoris nerves.

Use some lubricant. This will give you a nice sensation and will help you slid in the zone without being so rough.

After you have a slow beginning to avoid that over stimulation, you can incorporate some other tricks. It is important to learn to use your hands, fingers and even include some toys.

When you decide to use your fingers, change the rhythm or the style. Place two fingers around the clitoris, make circles with both fingers. Treat your clit as a small penis and stimulate it up and down holding it with your fingers. You may instead of circles, tap with your fingers on it.

You can try different moments and explore yourself until you find what you like the most. Playing alone with it, will help you know what works best for you. This will allow you to please yourself. Sometimes our partner is not aware of the sweet spot they are missing so guide your partner to please you greatly.

We need to learn how to show them where and how? When you find the method you enjoy the most, you can combine it during intercourse, why would you do that? Stimulating the clitoris during penetration may help you reach climax awesomely!

The secret is to practice, take some time for you, learn as much as possible, try different positions and enjoy your sex life.

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