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Stockings and Garters – What is the allure?

Gorgeous legs in thigh high stockings attached to sexy garters, what is the allure? Knowing that she has taken the time to roll on those silky smooth stockings and looked at herself in the mirror as she attached them to her garter belt, picturing you seeing her in her sexy underwear later on is a big turn-on for many men. As a fetish, just the feel of silky smooth stockings, especially those that have touched skin, can be extremely erotic. The tactile feel of the stockings combined with the visual appeal of lacy garters can be very stimulating. As a woman, just rolling on stockings, picturing my plans for later is enough to get me hot and bothered. For most women, when they wear stockings and garters, there is a definite plan to have someone else besides herself see them later on. While some women enjoy the feel of the stockings and the look of the garters on their bodies and gain satisfaction from that, for most it is in the anticipation of a rendezvous later on.

In fetishism, there is also an aspect of arousal in a male cross-dressing as a woman and wearing clothing that has been restricted to women by society. Centering themselves in the role of a woman often requires adorning their bodies with underwear as well as outerwear with traditional feminine undertones. Stockings and garters scream feminine. Following the stockings up the leg to the thigh hints at the sexuality hidden just above the reach of the stocking tops, adding the hint of mystery which can be very alluring and desirable. They create an erotic tension, the garters framing the actual area where the gender specific parts would be resident. Stockings and garters are sexy and bring excitement to sexual encounters as well as feel great going on and coming off.

Whether you are a male cross-dresser or a CIS-gendered woman or anyone in between, stockings and garters can be worn or admired as items of clothing or as items of arousal. Rubbing some silky stockings on areas of your body may be enough to bring on orgasm or heightened sexual arousal. Wearing these silky undergarments might be all it takes to get your juices flowing. Slide some silky fishnets up your legs and attach them to garters right up near the top of your thighs and see how it makes your feel, you might find a new fetish yourself.

I enjoy sliding on the stockings and attaching them to sexy garters before heading to a date, picturing the slow, unhurried removal later on. It could be me doing a slow strip tease, titillating his senses or it could be him undressing me slowly, touching and stroking me as part of foreplay. I enjoy seeing the desire on his face with the slow reveal, like unwrapping a gift. Black or white stockings, luscious reds and even fishnets are what I prefer to wear, attached to matching lace garters and preferably paired with matching underwear. It makes me feel sexy and ready for exciting adventures. Do you enjoy wearing stockings and garters?

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